Praise St. Augustine Writer’s Conference Participants

“This is as good as a writing conference gets. Superior writers from across the country, highly acclaimed workshop leaders, illuminating lectures and discussions, brilliant readings. Add to that dinners and outings that turn fellow workshoppers into great friends. Then mix in a miles-long beach, an ocean breeze, a three-story villa, and the picturesque charm of America’s oldest city. It’s everything a serious writer could want in a conference—and much more. ” Renée Anduze

“The conference was tremendously fun, inspiring, and valuable for my development as a writer. Many connections and friendships were made that will last far into the future. There was an overall spirit of camaraderie and non-competitive collaboration. So much fun and professional insight in only a few days! Thank you!” Tim Antonides

“Thank you!  There was a sense of creative community among the participants and esteemed faculty at the St. Augustine Writers Conference.  I was enlightened and inspired by my participation.” Brenda Beverly


“The St. Augustine Writers Conference stands apart and is unique because it focuses on the art behind the work.  It is not a conference geared toward marketing; it is a conference for writers who love and are devoted to each and every word.  You will gain invaluable personal attention and insight about your manuscript.  You will depart with a polished draft.  Did I mention that Connie May Fowler and the St. Augustine setting are magnificent muses?  Do yourself a favor and go!” Robert Dzik

“I loved working with the knowledgeable and generous faculty, making new friends and connections with writers from around the country, and exploring St. Augustine while I mulled over my craft. In her characteristic style, Connie May Fowler made sure the conference paired an intense writing focus with a celebration of life.” Paul Haney

“This was my first writer’s conference so I did not know what to expect. I walked away with great advice, great friends, and a better appreciation of the passion that is exposed when you can write with abandon. I want to write more and I want to write better.” Victor Hess

St Augustine Writers Conference Flyer Photo

“My workshop leader, Richard McCann, referred to our group being “bivouacked” together for four days. It was truly an amazing and wonderful experience to hunker down with a great teacher and a group of dedicated writers, to shut out the world and focus on the words and the work. I came away with new insight and inspiration, and the sound advice to “dig deep” in my writing. It was the best workshop experience I have ever had, made possible by the outstanding faculty and personal attention to each writer. Thank you!” Laurel Hunt

“Every writer needs to experience the award-winning novelist Connie May Fowler and the St. Augustine Writers’ Conference. From the personal attention to the charm of America’s oldest city and the modern three-story oceanfront conference site, writers are at home in a community of like minds receiving practical and constructive feedback on their own writing, practical suggestions for advancing their writing in a workshop setting. The unsurpassed faculty is not only generous with praise, but also deeply insightful with criticism and helpful with suggested possibilities. For the cost in time and money, you can have no better experience than the St. Augustine Writers’ Conference. You will not want to leave.” Bonnie Omer Johnson

“This was by far the most illuminating and inspiring writers workshop I’ve ever attended.  The benefit came not only from the outstanding faculty, but also from the high caliber of students selected to participate.” John Koenig


“I came to St. Augustine a recovering attorney, and left knowing what it will take to be a writer!   A truly magical journey, which I will remember beginning with Connie May Fowler’s first infectious laugh, and warm welcome.   Gifted faculty and participants, willing to share in a focused but comfortable exchange, couple with the charm of St. Augustine to create an unforgettable experience. “ John MacIlroy

“I can’t say enough good things about my time at this conference. Connie May Fowler and her faculty provide a rare combination of intelligence and warmth. If you want to commune with other writers in a caring and fun environment choose this conference. I judge a conference by what I take from it and after my time with Connie and her faculty, my heart was full of joy, inspiration, and courage for the craft of writing.” Gale Massey

“Writers need one another.  We need other creative, intelligent eyes to help us hone our craft, and we need like souls to remind us why we love this wonderful, impossible work.  Connie May Fowler has created a conference  designed to bring writers of all ages, experience levels and styles together in one of the most astounding cities on earth.  The faculty featured some of the best in the business, and the students became the kind of friends you need to keep you going.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” Rebecca Meredith

“The Saint Augustine Writer’s Conference should be at the top of your workshop list, if you want intimate access to accomplished and ascending writers’ feedback. Well planned, well versed, and well delivered. I will definitely come back.” Mark Radoff

“The St. Augustine Writers Conference is both a warm and constructive environment. I’m grateful for the careful attention my writing received in workshop, and I’m excited to have developed a stronger network of fellow


writers. I learned an incredible amount in a short amount of time, and I recommend the experience to any writer who is serious about her craft.” Laura Smith

“Connie May brings a warm sense of community to the conference. The afternoon readings were lovely and they helped the participants build lasting friendships with others, even with those in other workshops.” Sheila Stuewe

“The St. Augustine Writers Conference was, by far, the most powerful and impactful conference I’ve attended. The intimate workshop setting gave us all the unique opportunity to work directly with our author mentors and fellow writers. The talent in this small, select group was abundant, and the St. Augustine setting was perfect. This was an experience I won’t soon forget.” Katrina Willis

“I’d return to the St. Augustine Writers’ Conference in a heartbeat. on writing, not selling. How refreshing!” Tudy Woolfe



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