The Conference application fee is $30. Please see the Apply Now page for payment and application instructions. Note: The application fee is waived for 2014 conference participants.


Important: The conference admits participants on a rolling enrollment basis, which means the earlier you apply, the better your chances of securing a space.



Conference Fees

Conference tuition covers all workshops, discussions, panels, and opening and closing night dinners. As 2015 plans progress, optional special sessions may be added that could require a nominal fee.

Early Bird Conference Tuition if paid in full by March 31, 2015: $865. Participants secure their place in the conference by paying a $300 deposit by January 31, 2015. A second payment of $300 is due February 28, 2015. The balance of the tuition–$265–is due on March 31, 2015.

Regular Conference Tuition: $885. Participants secure their place in the conference by paying a $400 deposit by June 17, 2015. The $485 balance is due by July 17, 2015.

Cancellations: Deposits, less a $100 cancellation fee, are refundable until July 17, 2015. Due to the amount of planning and reading involved by all parties, there are no refunds after July 17, 2015.

Instructions for paying your Conference tuition and fees will be sent to you at the time of your admittance. We accept Paypal, over-the-phone credit card payments, and checks.

Workshop Manuscript Submissions

Prose writers will submit no more than 30 pages of text (Microsoft Word, default margins, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font). If a participant sends more than 30 pages, the extra pages will not be included in the work booklet. We recommend that participants  send work that is complete, in that the writer doesn’t delete large portions of important material in order to squeeze a larger work into 30 pages. Writers may send a one-page synopsis that is attached to the end of the manuscript. The synopsis will not count toward the page limit. Poets will submit no more than 8 pages of poetry. ALL MANUSCRIPTS MUST INCLUDE THE AUTHORS NAME, and THE GENRE. PROSE WRITERS MUST INDICATE IF THE PIECE IS AN ESSAY, SHORT STORY, NOVEL EXCERPT, OR MEMOIR EXCERPT.



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